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Special Program

"The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts, Beginner's Course!"


     We have developed a easy, step-by-step curriculums for all our martial arts programs that reduces each of them into their fundamental building blocks, so you can quickly learn and progress to the next level.

     We then specialize in teaching you how to put it into a Rock-Solid system in the best way possible, so you can truly be the most complete martial artist.



Here's what you'll get:

You Get An Organized "Beginners" Curriculum Every Month Focusing On The Basic, Foundational Principles & Techniques You Absolutely MUST Learn To Progress To The Next Level!

You'll master the drills, movements, techniques and fundamentals of striking, takedowns, conditioning skills and grappling in the safest, most structured environment possible (in effect: you'll become a complete fighter without every worrying about injuries!)

You'll Work At A Pace That ANY Beginner Can Easily Absorb and Benefit From!

We'll Teach You The “Perfect” System To Get Really Good… Really FAST!

You'll never fear about getting "beat up" by more advanced students & big-headed instructors who only want to boost their egos by beating up new students (that kind of thing is looked down upon at our school!)

Out Of Shape? This is NEVER a problem because our beginner class is designed to get you into great shape so you can continue your training at the next level & get better with each class (no matter what your current level of fitness--rest assured, we know how to transform how you look and feel, improve your strength & conditioning and greatly boost your self confidence!

Enjoy our easy-to-learn & understand method that takes complete "newbies" and turns them into grappling and Muay Thai Kickboxing experts!

     Whether you're in shape or way-out-of-shape ... old or young ... want to compete or just train...

     We have programs available for everyone at every level of experience, interest and desire. Our dedicated staff will work with you to find the program that's perfect for your individual needs!





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